15 Jul Seaweed Farming, Snorkeling and More! Woodleigh School Joins CTC for a 3-day Adventure in Nusa Penida

Woodleigh-School-2-As part of their trip to Indonesia, Woodleigh School students spent 3 fun days with the Coral Triangle Center (CTC) team in Bali and Nusa Penida. Students learned about marine conservation and had the opportunity to seaweed farm, plant mangrove trees and snorkel through Nusa Penida’s beautiful coral reefs!

Woodleigh School began their 3-day fieldtrip at CTC’s main office. Students played the Fish Length Estimation game, and were briefed on marine ecosystems and the importance of coral. Daniel Scott, in year 9, said, “I learned about different parts of the environment and the marine environment as well as how they interlock; if a coral dies or a certain fish dies it affects everything around that area.”

After learning about CTC’s work and playing marine conservation games, the student’s travelled to Nusa Penida to participate in fun activities in the field. Students had the opportunity to seaweed farm, plant mangrove trees and snorkel. Kealy Palmer, in year 9, said, “I have gone snorkeling at home but haven’t really seen anything. I really liked being able to see [the animals] and feel that it was more educational here.” 

Woodleigh-School-3-Mr. Laurent Julicher and Ms. Michelle Pitcher, Woodleigh’s Bahasa Indonesia teachers, agreed that the trip was very beneficial for their students. Ms Pitcher said that the visit was relevant to Woodleigh School’s “focus of developing responsible global citizens.” Students reflected felt that they’d be more likely to pay closer attention to their actions and impact on the environment after their visit.

When asked about what he hopes the students will take away from the trip, Mr. Julicher said, “I hope they’ve learned some great practical skills and seen conservation in action. I also hope that they leave here with a greater appreciation and commitment to conservation.”

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