15 Jul Extending the role of fisheries officers’ in solving issues in Indonesian Fisheries Management Area using Blue Economy

Blue-Economy-1-In order to enrich extension officer capacity, the Coral Triangle Center (CTC) in collaboration with Ministry of Marine Affair and Fisheries organized Blue Economy trainings in Tegal, Central Java, and Bitung, North Sulawesi.

Each area is facing different fishery management issues. Tegal is suffering from overfishing, depletion of fish resources, habitat degradation and unsustainable fishing practices. While Bitung is struggling to combat coral reef destruction brought about by fisheries.

The training allowed participants to revisit their knowledge on ecology, fisheries management and communication. They learned about principles of Blue Economy, strategies to implement Blue Economy activities, and were introduced to a simple business model for fishermen groups. The trainees were also able to apply what they learned in the classroom out in the field.

During their field visit, participants found several ways to support sustainable practices and protect marine environments while continuing to foster marine industries. Participants from Tegal found an opportunity for the surrounding coastal community to develop an educational tour for high school students on mangrove eco
systems and fish aquaculture. Training participants in Bitung developed a business model to make biogas from Cakalang (Katsuwonus pelamis) or fish intestines

Blue-Ec-3-One of the training participants, Eko Nugroho stated, “The most excited part of this
training was the field visit; I could scan some of the issues happening in the coastal community. I hope to implement the knowledge that I got from my trainings to my fishing community group. I will then help implement the Blue Economy principles in their daily fishing routines.”

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