31 May Under the Gazebo with I Gede Darmayasa

Meet I Gede Darmayasa (Sena), one of 15 fishermen who joined this month’s Coral Triangle Center (CTC) workshop on marine tourism.

Sena and his fellow trainees are from fishermen groups around Sanur, Bali, and are motivated to learn about alternative sources of income that can help safeguard marine ecosystems.

“This is my first workshop on marine tourism. It was important for me to come to the workshop because as fishermen we gather at sea. My expectation for the four days was to gain more knowledge about alternatives to fishing especially for when the weather is bad and the fish are moving.

During the training, I learned about the benefits of sustainable marine tourism and ways to help protect marine life. I will let other fishermen know about the damages caused by fishing with potassium.

I would definitely recommended CTC’s marine tourism training to other people; and hope that after the training our group of fishermen will share ideas to develop and grow marine tourism in their areas.”

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