31 May Prayer for the Ocean: A Tribute to Our Seas

M8B1006In his collection of poems, Pak Abdul Ghofar shares with us the fragile relationship between society and the sea. Pak Ghofar finds inspiration for his poems from his observations and experiences with coastal communities in Indonesia, and the sea.

The Coral Triangle Center (CTC) would like to thank Dr. Abdul Ghofar for sharing his poems with the team and our Friends of CTC.

Dr. Ghofar, is a Senior Member of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences at the University of Diponegoro in Semarang, Indonesia; Stakeholder Council Member of the Marine Stewardship Council; a CTC Board Member and avid writer.

He shares his reflections on the relationship between nature and humankind in A Prayer for the Ocean; a collection of poems that finds beauty and meaning in all living things, and emphasizes the many lessons that life brings; most in relation to the sea.

“My sincere hope is that people become more responsible in their lives and surroundings. I also hope that people will learn to value other human beings. Society has the power to shape the future, and I pray that it will be for the best of humankind.”


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