31 May Explore and Learn with the Coral Triangle Center


Mangrove tours, snorkelling, seaweed farming and more! Coral Triangle Center explorers enjoy a full day of fun and learning at Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area.

At the start of 2016 theCoral Triangle Center (CTC) launched its Learning Day Trip to Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area. On the fun learning trip CTC explorers get to experience the island’s lush mangrove forest, witness seaweed farming, snorkel over some of the area’s exquisite reefs and meet with local community members.

In early May, we had 2 groups of explorers interested in the tropical outdoors and learning about the different components of a Marine Protected Area (MPA). Wanyta Von Son, from the Netherlands, enjoyed her adventure saying,

“[CTC] is doing great work in protecting the coral reefs and fish! It was amazing to see the corals reefs when snorkelling, and the mangrove area is beautiful as well. Thank you for the great experience.”

IMG_8880 (2)IMG_8908 (2)

For more information about the Learning Day Trip to Nusa Penida MPA click HERE or email Marthen Welly at mwelly@coraltrianglecenter.org


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